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Chapter One

যদি তোমার ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে তবে একলা চলো রে
(If no one response to your calling then move alone)
- Rabindranath Tagore

In 2001 when we started our journey, we didn’t had an office means we were starting from ‘0‘. Many senior market personalities advised me that ‘Technology business' is a capital intrinsic business and this is not for me, so I should concentrate on my trading and investment and I should not expect any help from anybody. But this is also true very few people were there who gave me some clue to built valuable asset. We have some valuable asset (Honesty, Dedication, Commitment and Skilled Knowledge) and till now I believe materialistic asset is less valuable than the core value of ‘Istock’.

Initially our focus was only trading system but gradually we understood backward integration is the key component of the success of any successful venture. In a very short time period we understood that ‘users’ come from different socioeconomic structure and I can’t expect that they will understand ‘Computer Science’. So we developed user friendly application and backward integration is the nucleus of ‘Istock Systems’.

In ‘Zen philosophy’ there is a famous quotation ‘Only constant in life is change’ and actually this is the truth of life. This quotation is the driving force of ‘Istock’. If any person will track our performance of last two decade he/she will see that we change our product regularly. Presently we have 10 products and the funny thing is same number of product we not even launched (after development) because we are not satisfied. Always we try to do some new and make things differently.






Move Alone with Technology





Team Bonding

Chapter Two

छोटा परिवार सुखी परिवार

We have a small and dedicated team. In football team we can see every player has a specific position as well as a role. May be our team is not big but every member has his own job responsibility with full freedom. The main key factor is every one of ‘Istock’ family has in depth market knowledge and experience as well as specialized knowledge like ‘Technical Analysis’, ‘Fundamental Analysis’, etc. We also have a decade long experience of handling of different type of charting application and analytical tools. Its give us a special edge over our competitor. With this vast knowledge and experience we get the power to understand the need of the clients in different market scenario.

Chapter Three

Crisis always test your limit

In 2020 world stopped suddenly, because of the ‘Covid-19’ crisis. I do believe that being a small organization (Istock) we faced various crisis that any capital market based Technology Company can face. It was too difficult to run the day to day operation of the organization in the lockdown especially when the hospital just opposite of our office declared as ‘Covid hospital’. Mental pressure was getting infection as well as handling the local administration. Our small and dedicated team handled that crisis very professionally following all ‘Covid protocol’ when many big name of our domain were not available over telephonic support also. Our team members were staying in the office from Monday morning to Friday night just not for one week but week after week. Our operation was not disrupted for a single minute during this crisis time. It is too hard to build the ‘Trust’ with the clients and we have achieved there ‘Trust’.